Great question! The pilot is for us to get to know YOU, and for you to get to know US. We aren’t going to pretend we know how to best provide you with experiences you’ll appreciate and enjoy. We hope to get a better idea of all of this while piloting. Once we move out of this phase, we’ll be more focused on building a service you come to for any social experience! For now, it’s figuring out how to start. Baby steps.

We're putting together dinner experiences in the following areas:

  • Downtown/South Lake Union/Belltown
  • Wallingford/Fremont
  • Capital Hill
  • Ballard
  • University District
We will be expanding on this over time!

Restaurants are heavily vetted before being part of the pilot. We try to ensure both high quality food and atmosphere. If you ever feel one of those weren't met at your dinner experience, please let us know through the feedback survey or via email - .

You’ll pay directly with the restaurant for your food. During our pilot, there are no discounts being provided. We are looking into any and all ways to provide a better experience to you, and that includes ways to save!

While we can’t say directly, we can say our matching system is fundamentally rooted on academic studies around interpersonal chemistry. We’re building partnerships to better understand what truly builds social chemistry, and constantly changing and updating our technology based on that.

The biggest element is you! We can’t even pretend to know what you want unless you tell us, and it starts with the survey, ends with feedback. Before every experience, be sure to answer questions honestly. After every experience, be sure to tell us about it - it’s immediately used and will help us provide better experiences in the future, to you and others.

Ouch - unfortunately your cell provider is blocking us. We aren’t always notified of this, and so it’s hard to keep up. We’d really appreciate you reach out to us at . We’ll coordinate with you in a different way so you don’t miss out. You can always check your status by accessing .

We understand life gets in the way! It helps us if you let us know, so we can look to find a replacement (it’s impossible to really replace YOU though!).

Let us know by either:

  1. texting ‘cancel’
  2. accessing and canceling the event.

We’ll provide that during text when you confirm. If you for some reason don’t get that either:

  1. text ‘status’
  2. access .

If all else fails, just let the hostess know you’re there for dinner under ‘Kopa’. If there are multiple, well we’ll see where you end! :D

While we will always communicate with you when your status changes, if you’d like to know on-demand, you can by either:

  1. texting ‘status’
  2. accessing .