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Be you

We want to help you have more moments where you can be yourself. Just be present and enjoy. No need to put on a front.


The goal is to get you with people you’ll enjoy spending time with. At the start that will likely be with strangers, but that’s just the first step! We’ll put you back with people you like whenever possible.


Leave expectations at the door. Enjoy people for who they really are, and you’ll stumble on more than you think.

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Future Experiences

Dinner experiences are not the end all be all! Soon Kopa will enrich other aspects of your life too.

From nights out to day activities, let’s do more together.


We match you with people based on a number of qualities.

At first we’re focused on interests, but over time we’ll start to understand you beneath the surface!

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We're embracing the human in us all.

Alone, Together

Everyone attending this first experience is going alone! We’re all being vulnerable, together. This won’t always be the case, but it’s a good equalizer.

Invest Yourself

Tell us what you want, what you don’t want, when it works, when it doesn’t. You and everyone else get more out of it that way.

The Kopa Pilot

We are very excited to announce our first pilot here in Seattle, WA, where you can connect with those around you in a fun, low-risk manner.

Join us at one of our shared dinner experiences, where we curate and host dinner tables at local restaurants consisting exclusively of Kopa members.

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Great restaurants and great people. Oh, there’s also that whole Seattle Freeze thing… We know together we can put an end to that!


Retrofitting the dinner table for the 21st century. Besides, everyone loves food.


Addressing major barriers to social connection, namely signaling and compatibility.

How Kopa works


Sign up

Tell us a little about yourself! We use this to match you with people and a restaurant so you can best enjoy the experience.



Once we set up a dinner for you, we'll text you with details. Confirm you can attend and you are good to go!



Come as you and only you. Nothing else is needed. Enjoy the experience; people, food and all!

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Whether you’re a restaurant, a bar, or an event space, host exclusive and fun experiences with us.

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Partner with us for reservation priority of our hosted experiences.

Have a better idea?

Let’s start some dialog - we know there are many ways we can benefit each other.

Reach out -

Great question! The pilot is for us to get to know YOU, and for you to get to know US. We aren’t going to pretend we know how to best provide you with experiences you’ll appreciate and enjoy. We hope to get a better idea of all of this while piloting. Once we move out of this phase, we’ll be more focused on building a service you come to for any social experience! For now, it’s figuring out how to start. Baby steps.

We're putting together dinner experiences in the following areas:

  • Downtown/South Lake Union/Belltown
  • Wallingford/Fremont
  • Capital Hill
  • Ballard
  • University District
We will be expanding on this over time!

Restaurants are heavily vetted before being part of the pilot. We try to ensure both high quality food and atmosphere. If you ever feel one of those weren't met at your dinner experience, please let us know through the feedback survey or via email - .

You’ll pay directly with the restaurant for your food. During our pilot, there are no discounts being provided. We are looking into any and all ways to provide a better experience to you, and that includes ways to save!

While we can’t say directly, we can say our matching system is fundamentally rooted on academic studies around interpersonal chemistry. We’re building partnerships to better understand what truly builds social chemistry, and constantly changing and updating our technology based on that.

The biggest element is you! We can’t even pretend to know what you want unless you tell us, and it starts with the survey, ends with feedback. Before every experience, be sure to answer questions honestly. After every experience, be sure to tell us about it - it’s immediately used and will help us provide better experiences in the future, to you and others.

Got more questions? Check out our complete FAQ here!